November scuba and free dive trip photos in South east Queensland.

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November scuba and free dive trip photos in South east Queensland.

Post  liquidg on 27th November 2013, 12:10 pm

One of those days when every man and his dog are out there for this one so Dave, Jeff and myself headed out as well.

The water wasn’t very clear and there was lots of current, but the water temp was around 23c, no swell what so ever and vis to begin with at 15 feet and later on maybe 20 to 25 feet.
There was lots of life at one of our regular spots, but else where with the current, forget it!

An early departure at just after sunrise

The bar, sort of calm,lol.

Where we were parked was roughly 25 feet of water under the boat, very good surface conditions.

Plenty of forcepiger at most sites.

A shy akindynos of many seen.

Never a shortage of latezonatus amphiprions.

Always a lot of acans to be seen.

Thousands of tubastraea colonies.

Never a shortag of colourful algae species.

Anemone hermit crab.

A slightly unusual anemone.

A 5 inch volitan

Tube worm colonies.

A few of the many tropical tube worm colours seen.

A tube anemone 6hat has lost its symbiotic algae.

A small common anemone.

Nicely patterned brittle stars.

A decorator sponge crab.

Electric ray fish, boy do they give a kick!

A common feather sea star.

A few of the millions of fan worms seen.

A largish linkia sea star, these ones grow to 2 metres.

A stressful situation of lionfish and shrimp.

Some nudibranch from the day.

That ones face

sea star



long spine urchin

land mine

That's it for this time.

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Re: November scuba and free dive trip photos in South east Queensland.

Post  finfan on 27th November 2013, 2:04 pm

Wow some very nice pictures there G, missed a good trip in this one....Shocked

Nice shrimp, very nice shrimp.I love you 



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