Free dive in mid February 2014

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Free dive in mid February 2014

Post  liquidg on 24th February 2014, 12:32 pm

For a day that sounded like it was going be sucky, it atcualy tuene dout pretty good.
The vis was only 6 to 8 metres at best, but the temp was a very pleasant 25c or even more at times, any way for the htree of us only, it was a very nice free dive.

Smooth seas inopen ocean that day when it was supposed to be down right scary,lol.

Nice soft small surf the surfers, none there though.

A white temperate/cool waters tube worm.

Close up of ling spine urchin species.

Close up of shell fish

A juvenile sweet lip.

A large saron shrimp.

acuriuos pipe fish eyeing me off.

An endemic old wife.

A sub adult zebra lion fish of three seen.

A school of large mullet.

A shy blennys face.

This orange feather sea star was glowing.

A common algae grazing worm.

fiji damsel

mimic harp tail blenny

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