brown blotches on fish

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brown blotches on fish

Post  noddy89 on 3rd April 2014, 1:56 pm

Any ideas? I noticed it on one tang, then on a clown a day later. then the other day I killed an aiptaisa and I cant find any sign of any more anemones. My research has come to possible coral stinging? There's acans, zoas, Duncan, morphs, leather, gonis, and a one head small hammer. I haven't seen sweeper polyps extended (although im not home 24-7)
the fish are feeding like pigs and they don't seem affected.
Theres about 6 'white spot' cysts on one of the tangs (smaller one getting bullied). that's being treated with polyp lab MEDIC in the display tank. (ill let you know how that goes.)
nitrates and nitrites are sweet too...


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