Things to adhere to on the forum

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Things to adhere to on the forum

Post  Admin on 22nd July 2009, 1:11 am

This basic forum was set up for anyone to get on board and share or ask something while being considerate of others and follow our guide lines.

Forum moderators and admin goals.

To encourage and place on the forums as much informative and or entertaining content as possible and always abide by the forum rules to set an example for all that visit and use the Marine/reef forums.

Always allow welcome users of these forums privacy with their personal information.

This guide may change from time to time.

When registering on this forum, you are required to put something in the introduce your self section of this forum as to why you are here for you to remain active on here.

1. If you put anything with content on the forums as an image via image an code or direct link, reduce it to its lowest amount of kilobytes,600 in width is a good size, before using it on the forum using a link to your photos on an image hosting site.

2. All are to be treated equally and with respect as to there knowledge and skills or lack of, etc.
So when placing anything on the forum consider all when doing so.

3. If anything that is put on the forum is not something the moderators or admin think is in the best interest of the forum, than it will be removed and possibly the user as well.

4.Do not copy others works onto this forum, itís origin has to be original and for anyone to use if it goes on here.

5. This basic forum was set up to be something to promote marine/reef aquarium keeping and collection of marine fish and inverts and have resonable people feel comfortable in being here.

6. There are no other clubs,websites,Businesses or forums promoted here except what we, the forum moderators or admin place on here.

7. No swearing or arguing on the forum and those who remain inactive on here, will made inactive in time.

8.When passing on information or helping out, try to explain what you know in terms the person requiring the information seems to understand in the best ways, not just a link else where.

9. The forum is equally directed at each section of the forum to encourage an interest in sharing in all of them.

10. We reserve the right to consider each and every thread, post, image, link,(anything)!That is placed on the forum and remove it and you,possibly without a warning.

11.This forum does not condone or tolerate open discussion of named sites where aquarium species collecting takes place, keep this type of thing in private messaging to avoid abuse of these sites from some that may not use named sites in sustainable ways or responsibly.

So, be nice here, be carful and say hi or be else where.

A few of the clubbies at any given time are admin.

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