A wet section explained in relation to its functions a marine aquariums bio filtering capacity?

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A wet section explained in relation to its functions a marine aquariums bio filtering capacity?

Post  liquidg on 11th June 2015, 8:44 am

If you want simple success not far out from day one and by that I mean it just happens any way, you establish a functional wet section.
A wet section is live rock, deep sand beds, under gravels, substrates, plenums, basicly anything set up to carry out some or all of the nitrogen cycle that remains in your water!
But live rock is unstable and toxic for the short term and weakens in time for nitrate reduction.
It takes 1 to 2 years before the life on and in live rock to have settled in and not expelling toxins from the sponges, worms, etc, etc, marine fish drink an enormous amount constantly to off set osmotic salt absorption and what is in your water ends up in them!!!! Think about that and smell your live rock or even your water!!

If you set up media in a container to a sump or on your tank or even a large canister or similar filled with smallish calcium based media, then that will sustain your tanks nicely, then your in tank structures just assist.
A wet section can be built, cycled and completely established in the shed or garage or where ever off a bucket or tub, then added to your aquarium.
For any wet section to remain constantly functional its porous nature has to remain free of rubbish, this is impossible with live rock or any bio filtration that is not extremely pre filtered so it can be functioning at a high level in ten years if not getting better every day as it ages.
The cycle is, dead tissue-bacteria, bacteria phages and protists grazing on the original cycling bacteria- parasitic protists like ich and velvet, then symbiotic protists using the original cycling oxidation bacteria that attack and reduce the parasitic protists, that’s a mature stable reef tank now.
You set up a wet section where the water flows through that media and these symbiotic protists reduce to near wipe out “for the life of that clean wet section” ich and velvet!

Your fish die from more then 30 mins in the bag with no ammo lock or similar or usually the wholesaler to shop induced stress setting off organ failure or gill failure or poisoning that can take days to many months to kill your fish or the toxins and subsequently stress in your water that you can not test for, or the miss match of species causing the more rarer flight or fight response killing them.
It’s all very easy, but many are led down a not so easy path, as you may find.

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