Should you take a snorkel when scuba diving?

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Should you take a snorkel when scuba diving? Empty Should you take a snorkel when scuba diving?

Post  liquidg on 16th August 2015, 7:31 am

Good habits with diving saves lives!

If there is any current, any choppy waters and any chance of anything going wrong and you never know when that will be and if you have to swim for a ways, getting into the habit of always tucking a snorkel up under your mask strap will be the difference between life and death or just a dive you survived and really want to forget!
It may be years or it may just be a few weeks, but one day you will need to swim for it and believe me swimming on your back for a long time or trying to lift your head up with a weight belt and tank on is not easy!

To me after 43 years of free and scuba diving, these are the essentials beyond just the regular gear and actions to not just enjoy, but to survive every dive!

A snorkel, all your skin more or less covered when in the water, use a hood always in water below 22c, your weight belt positioned ready to ditch at all times, a small bottle of dish washing liquid for mask defog and always swim into the current, never go with it unless in an organised drift dive of course.

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