Frazer Island snorkelling and scuba trips photos

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Frazer Island snorkelling and scuba trips photos

Post  Admin on 29th July 2009, 3:42 am

A couple of months back, there was a trip to Frazer Island led by Ken, a commercial dive operator with many years of local diving and boating experience.
Ken has a business that operates out of Stradbroke and Frazer Islands and knows both island areas very well, more than most would be quite accurate.
The trips from Kens boat were in some seriously clear and calm conditions and all were very happy as to the quality of there dives.
The few photos that follow are from the guys on scuba showing off the underwater reef areas and the other photos are of some very nice catches by the spear fishing group that enjoyed the excellent conditions on the Queenslands Frazer Island reefs.

The guys had some fantastic conditions to get these catches in water to a 100 feeet deep and a lot sharks wanting what they had,one wanted to come in a little to close and before it could get greedy,got a frezer trip.

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