Meikon under water camera housing compared to Canon housing.

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Meikon under water camera housing compared to Canon housing.

Post  liquidg on 24th April 2016, 12:36 pm

At first sight the Meikon that is supposed to go to 40 metres looks fine, but once you have been using it for a few months, it becomes apparent that the seals in the Meikon are rubbish compared to the Canons.
For the first four dives after testing the Meikon was fine, but during the next few dives it just leaked more and more.
So from my experience the Meikon brand is useless for Scuba and free diving, it even leaked in 30 feet of water.
I have had a canon housing for 5 years with no issues, that were the housings fault, the only issue with the canon is the main O-ring should not be left on the housing between dive trips, take it off and lightly coat in silicon grease each time, then fit for the next time you dive and so on.

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