Breeding Maroons for sale plus equipment

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Breeding Maroons for sale plus equipment Empty Breeding Maroons for sale plus equipment

Post  mitch099 on 31st August 2017, 9:51 am

Hi All
I'm shutting down my marine tank, not enough time and money to keep it running properly.  

I have a breeding pair of Maroon Clowns, a blue chromis, lawnmower blenny, crispa anemone and starfire coral that need a new home.  Also, have numerous kg's of live rock, led lights, 4ft tank and 3ft sump etc to get rid of as well. Looking for about $50 for the fish and coral and whatever aquarium equipment you want. Some of it is aging but all still in working condition.  Would prefer if someone takes all fish and corals, so can shut down the tank.  
If anyone is interested, send a text to 0409 685 137


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