Feeding quadricolor/bubble tip anemones and breeding them A-sexually.

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Feeding quadricolor/bubble tip anemones and breeding them A-sexually.

Post  liquidg on 20th February 2018, 8:55 am

First and foremost, do not try to breed separate species of anemones in the same aquarium or the same water, it may not work!

Many anemones do not tolerate other species for any length of time and will sense, similar to smelling another and chemically fight, just like corals do.
The quadricolor variants are not to bad, they will tolerate others of their kind, so quadricolor bubble tips are the best ones to do this with.

Foods-In the ocean anemones like quadricolors main diet is plankton.
The food mix should be based on blended filter feeding life forms like limpets or muscles or cunjevoi and large krill, no predator meats or prawns as such, prawns are soaked in substances to prolong their colour, though no great harm to humans, these are toxic to anems.

Once your mix is ready, then add pure salt, I use pure pool salt to bring the salinity of the mix far above the salinity of the ocean by double, if not a little higher, this stops bacteria from becoming abundant in these foods for a few days while it sits in the fridge once thawed while you use it.
Reef salt has additives that should not go into foods!

Once you blend then add planktonic to semi planktonic foods like, lobster eggs, fish eggs, brine shrimp, any pods-amphipods, mysis shrimp, any form of plankton bar phytoplankton species, they need to be more so zooplankton types.  

My squeeze bottles are a result of my type two diabetes, I use a sweetener called sugarless and save the squeeze bottles the liquid variant comes in.
Frozen ingredients ready thaw out and use.

Once thawed out and squeezed to the anemones tendrils.

Juveniles from A-sexual multiplying

The adult rose quadricolor acid rain they all came from.

An example of bottles you could purchase off ebay-squeeze bottles

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