Big waves at victor harbour in South Aus

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Big waves at victor harbour in South Aus

Post  liquidg+ on 30th October 2009, 4:20 am

This is a big day at victor harbour at a spot that very rarely has a wave big enough to actualy break there and the wind the right direction to make it work and work big as it came to life this one particular day.

The specks near and on the wave firstly is my brother and others mad enough to brave the 7 to 12 foot shore break to get at these monsters.
The wave featured had a face over 15 feet high,the day was up to 18 feet in size over all.

The guy,my brother, on it is 6 feet high,you can see how big and perfect this thing was for the two hours we were pounded by these waves.

One thing for sure the shore break that day was no easy thing to stay alive at when just getting out of the water!


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