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Coral symbiotic algae colour altering.

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Coral symbiotic algae colour altering. Empty Coral symbiotic algae colour altering.

Post  liquidg 27th July 2014, 12:38 pm

This is to bring about more interesting or just brighter colours from your corals algae living with in its cells.
This does not work that well, with the true sps corals, like stag horns.

You need to set up an area of water that you do not dose at all and it is impossible to show any level of nitrate in a test, nitrate is a poison to the coral creature and this process will not work if nitrate is present.
Have a good flow of highly oxygenated waters over the corals that you intend on up lifting or altering the colours.
Use weak standard blue and cool white fluoro replacement led lighting over this area at strengths far to weak to sustain these corals at their usually colour intensity.
Regularly feed these corals powered coral foods for the time needed to near take out and alter the symbiotic algae with in and do not let the coral completely expel the symbiotic algae, just til it is extremely pale!
Keep the waters temperature between 20c and 22c during this time as well.

The beginning of the colour change.
Coral symbiotic algae colour altering. Aa-plate-coral-_zps4ff68e5f

About ready to put into the correct conditions for corals.
Coral symbiotic algae colour altering. Aa-plate-c-_zps219475c6

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