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Yellow patch, north Moreton island

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Yellow patch, north Moreton island Empty Yellow patch, north Moreton island

Post  liquidg on 22nd January 2015, 2:27 am

This is probably one of the best no deeper than 30 feet scuba and snorkelling and spearing spots at Moreton. The reefs are small and begin just  metres west along and out off the beach from the point and are scattered, but offer heaps of life to appreciate, by boat or from the shore line if camping or on a day trip.
These reefs that are very widely spread and start to the right from looking to the shore from the ocean of the large sand dune in the second pic, approximately 60 feet from the beach in 12 feet of water to begin with and are dispersed out to 30 feet and all along the beach for 1 kilometre, just look for the dark patches!

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