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Home made sauce for diabetics.

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Home made sauce for diabetics. Empty Home made sauce for diabetics.

Post  liquidg 15th December 2017, 8:51 am

For all you other type 2 diabetics that have been diagnosed or as with 10 percent of everyone, not diagnosed yet, we all like sauces right? well being that they are all at least one third sugar in their make up, they are killing us or sending us blind or what ever!

The way to go for me to make a sort of BBQ sauce is to get some good ausy virgin olive oil as the base to your sauce. I add a little yellow curry, dried garlic, fresh mint, fresh steamed tomatoes, pepper, sugarless sweetener, a little vinegar and balance the amounts and blend.
You can use many things and other things like pineapple juice, unsweetened and so on but I like my mix.
Sauces do not have to be outlawed, just made your self and live!

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