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Sting ray weapon, what killed steve irwin!

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Sting ray weapon, what killed steve irwin! Empty Sting ray weapon, what killed steve irwin!

Post  liquidg on 16th March 2018, 9:52 am

Its been a long time since we lost our animal loving Steve, but its all still quite raw the loss of the croc hunter.

Sadly the guy was an accident waiting to happen, he should have stuck with his forte, crocs and land animals!

So many risks taken and quiet successfully, but in the ocean he was out of his league.

Most long term divers know you do not get above a sting ray, the power and speed at which they can propel that weapon is a killer.
They swim over divers and literally slide over them with no harm, though they have massive crusher plates instead of teeth, they rarely bite.

The weapon along their tail is basically a poison coated curated edged knife to go in but hard to get out that snaps off in you and they grow another really fast and the way they can arch their back to propel it at you, well if you are with in certain distance, you do not stand a chance of getting out of its way.
This is the weapon, an old one I found many years back.
Sting ray weapon, what killed steve irwin! FDPWrui

This is a ray roughly 6 foot across, not a big ray, showing of its weapon and that you are at risk, this one is possibly 8 inches long, they can reach 14 inches and more.
Sting ray weapon, what killed steve irwin! YyXr6un

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