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How to fight the flu and colds

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How to fight the flu and colds Empty How to fight the flu and colds

Post  liquidg 24th September 2018, 9:52 am

Look at your natural functions that fight flu or rhino as such, a fever fights it!!
Its heat, pure annd simple and that sadly is why so many go down when they go to hospital, hospitals are air-conditioned.
I was advised by many to go to hospital, but I don't think I would have survived hospital.
Your body temp is "just" too much for all flu and cold viruses to live well!
Now the air coming in, if it is not very warm, then that is the flu and colds life support.
You cant sustain your self in a room at above body temp for long, so, it has to be from mouth and nose to stomach and lungs.
So now i have learnt the hard way, i get a bowl of hot water from the tap in sort of an old school way and add a little vics, the vics just helps with the nose.
I heat it to just boiling in the micro wave, i put the towel over my head to keep the heat at my face and breath in through my mouth and out through my nose, if in through your nose to much, your sense of smell will get damaged, then once it has cooled, so that I cant quite feel its heat beyond my own temperature, I rest, as in do something else for 20 to 30 mins then repeat it again each 20 to 30 mins, so 5 to 7 mins over the heated water with just one few second break with in it, then as it cools I take my face closer to the heated water as well so the heat is still intense going in.
With the paras I had last year I did this for one whole day to vert late and then my fever cooked me at night and sweated in bed, by mid morn next day from beginning the head over the water bit from quite early, the paras that near killed me, all 3 strains in me were dead and gone!
The recent flu that tried it on me, I did the heated water for 3 hours, 6 times till bed time and let my fever cook me under the covers with just one foot out of the covers and by 3 to 4 am, my fever that  was helping out. it broke and the flu was gone!!
Heat!!! into your nose/mouth and lungs, just heat!!!

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