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Covid-19 corona virus, influenza and the common cold, how to fight them at home!

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Covid-19 corona virus, influenza and the common cold, how to fight them at home! Empty Covid-19 corona virus, influenza and the common cold, how to fight them at home!

Post  liquidg 12th March 2020, 12:33 pm

Words on these viruses-----Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. These can range from the common cold to more serious diseases. COVID-19 is the disease caused by a new coronavirus.

Our bodies try to fight this one and all flu like viruses with heat, as in a fever!
Our bodies try with its fever response, but in order for it to work well, there can be no cool air going in or the fever will not work well at defeating these viruses!

If there is cool air at the time, this can not work because the viruses are on the surfaces in your nose, antrum and lungs, being the coolest areas in your body, the fever will not work well while cool air is going in keeping these viruses protected from the heat from your bodies fever, that is supposed to kill them, is doing its bit!

Quite often your fever may reach dangerous levels, as it is not working out and through this attack, the viruses will get your body temp to drop to gain control and then your body tries to take control again, by raising body temp as a fever and you may over heat!

First an foremost with all these viruses, they all work the same, as in they all last roughly 3 days on suitable surfaces in wait for suitable hosts and that can be other mammals, not just humans!
They need a cool area to exist and our nose antrum's and lungs are our coolest areas!
They attract bacteria to our lungs via our nose trying to flush them thus carrying bacteria we have gathered in our noses from the air we breath down the rear of the nose to our throats to our lungs usually while we sleep, where this can be dangerous as it all turns to pneumonia.
This is once our lungs become up set, they begin to over produce fluid/mucus to try to fight off this invader, incidentally covering and providing a perfect spot for these bacteria to breed and mutate and try to enter our bodies through the lungs lining, hence pneumonia!
All respiratory issues like these can bring on pneumonia, rhino, the weakest, then para then influenza A and Band so on, then its the new one from other mammals, covid-19. There will be more in years to come, they know of several that have not made the jump too humans as yet!

Humans in modern times have not fought off this one, so there are many of use that will suffer greatly from it.
The subsequent bacteria from this one, if we let it enter our bodies by not getting onto it as soon as the cough begins, will harm 20 percent of all of us and will end up permanently damaged and 1 to 2 percent of us will die, with or with out help while there is no anti virus for it!

All of these viruses are influenza in design, so they should al be attacked in the same way, or you may be the unlucky one to suffer greatly!

If you are concerned as to what you have, go to a hospital, now!!!

My way of fighting off these viruses and i am not sure if i have beaten covid-19 yet, but with all the rest, this has worked well. That being said, this way does not provide an immune response, that means if you do not clean the area of any traces of it, it may return and if you catch it again, you will get it again!

I have used this procedure that I will describe in this thread to fight off parainfluenza, influenza A and B, the common cold and not sure what the last one was very recently, but all it was killed off in hours!

The one, well 3, that inspired me was all known parainfluenza with in me at once, they very nearly took my life, if I had gone to hospital as advised in their air conditioning, I may not have made it!

This was a very rare thing for a human to have I was told by my doctor and it had me for nearly two months, before I fought back and won!

Then I got influenza A and another flu, I didn’t get that one diagnosed, just fought it off and a cold, all these over two years! The last one a week back, I didn’t even try to get it diagnosed with the fear around at the moment! Just kept at home and killed it off in just hours once it started hitting my lungs!

If you want to try this old school way of fighting off respiratory viruses, this is it!

Have vicks vapour stream ready to ad a few drops to the hot water to help keep all areas unblocked so the heat can get in everywhere.
Use a chuncky towel to keep the heat near your face!
Get a large bowel then half fill with hot water from the tap, then microwave it for up top 5 minutes to make it very hot, but not boiling!!
Through out this, keep your body cool, maybe with your shirt off and just wearing a singlet!

Now place hot tap water in a large bowl, plastic is best, heat it to near boiling in the microwave.
Add a drop or two of vics vapour or eucalyptus oil to the hot water then towel over head and head over the bowel, these will clear your nose so you can breath better and make this all work better!
Put face near the hot water but not enough to feel scolding or you will damage your sense of smell!
If quite hot, breath in through mouth and out through nose to avoid sense of smell damage.
As water cools, move face closer to that water to keep heat levels going in high, obviously not to close!
Once you can not feel it at least 5 to 10 degrees above body temp, repeat the process to keep heat going in so that they do not get a chance to regroup and survive the heat!
Keep this going for two hours, now stop and lay face down on an angle on maybe pillows say at a 60 to 70 degree angle to cough up rubbish that the steam is now lifting in your lungs for a half an hour!

Now back to the bowel and keep going for another 2 hours and back to laying face downwards.

During all this if any fluids come out of your nose or are coughed up, do not reuse what ever you blow your nose into or cough onto or you will reinfect.
If the next day it is still there, but most likely will not be, redo it all, or to be sure instead of 4 hours, do it for 6 hours!
It took 6 hours to get rid of the para, and the rest just two hours and the last one, 4 hours!

After you have killed off the virus, there will be residual crap from your lungs to cough up and from your antrum’s, this will pass in a few days.

Always if in doubt, see your doctor or go to emergency at your local hospital!!!!

How to prevent it and onto potential bacterial pneumonia!
When ever you go out and interact with others, use heat once home to stop anything developing in the first place, do not scold internally your self with that heat, 5 to 10 degrees above body temp going in  for an hour will kill it off, flu like viruses can only infect cells that are below 27c from the air coming in.
Always be aware you can reinfect your self from your cloths, handkerchief, tabletop, cup and so on.
Clean all these before you touch your face in any way again after using heat!
What ever touched you, or you touched that was not heated, those surfaces may hold the virus for a time and you will be reinfected!

What is corona or other flu like viruses?

What is bacterial pneumonia?
Bacteria is always entering your lungs primarily from the your noses histamine reaction!
Bacteria will enter your lungs in other ways, but when we cough we get rid of most of these, unless in mass down your throat from the your nose/antrum’s trying to reject an invading virus species. This is at its worst when laying on our back or when asleep.

Flu like viruses
This interesting, its why flu like viruses prefer the cold!

Alive on cool surfaces.

What is viral pneumonia

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