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Sipper lobster shell shed.

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Sipper lobster shell shed. Empty Sipper lobster shell shed.

Post  liquidg on 30th September 2018, 4:30 am

With all crabs, lobsters and shrimp, the front part called the carapace opens up between it and the tail and out squeezes the new creature to swell filling with water while its new skin becomes a shell so its bigger with each shed.
Though you can not take slippers any more, its still cool to see them and this case, an empty one.
First up a slipper laying there?
Sipper lobster shell shed. Tc7QD5J

Then of course its an empty shell, with heaps of barnacles on it that if left to long, it would not be able to fit into tight spaces to hide, then death.
Sipper lobster shell shed. 8A0Rtx3

The shell now squashed, no slipper in there, lol
Sipper lobster shell shed. IObd7rA

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