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Corn flake weed reducing the vis.

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Corn flake weed reducing the vis. Empty Corn flake weed reducing the vis.

Post  liquidg on 14th October 2018, 4:10 am

This time of year, more so late November, the corn flake weed drops part, if not all of its self into the waters to start else where from those parts moved around by currents and swells.
The video here is of the swell removed portions of the weed, the most is from the oceans temp rising above 23c to 24c from November into January.

They are a cool water algae so when the temps go up, they fall off the rocks.

Not so much down south into NSW, there they live on but drop sections and spores to start up else where around the start of summer.

I am just siting in the current as the corn flake weed streams past.

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