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Plastic in or able to get to the ocean!

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Plastic in or able to get to the ocean! Empty Plastic in or able to get to the ocean!

Post  liquidg on 1st January 2019, 4:57 am

There is much noise about plastic in the oceans, but no one will really do anything about it, you see its all about money!!
There are companies around the world that make biodegradable bags that could very easily replace the supermarket bags and many more, have you herd of them? no I would not imagine so.

All the supermarket ban the bag stuff was a lie and a load of crap, you were all conned!
It was for the not so known tv personalities to get more coverage and from that more money and egos and the supermarkets knew that their bags were going to be sellers now and no more a cent lost each bag given away as it was for years.

Now they may be buying reusable bags at say 5 cents to sell to you at 15 cents, they probably buy them for less, but that is just an example, then the more expensive bags for a dollar or so and who knows what price before their mark up, but!!!! with these ones they are not thrown away and there is the problem!!! who washes their bags, you know, they carry meats and so much more??? There is a serious risk in the coming years of not just that customers flue or shit germs passed around from so many that do not wash their hands after the toilet or playing with pets or working on things at home or work, but serious diseases that will be starting to raise their heads by now!
When I first herd the ban the bag I couldn't believe how dumb many of my fellow humans were by jumping on this stupid band wagon, when no other option was given!???!!!!!!
Do you get directions from some one to not go down harry street and just sit there at the start of harry street or do you need another rout, no so many opted to just sit there!!!!!
Are most of us really that stupid????
Oh and for me to eat the bio-bags, the bio-bags are not good, made mostly from corn, not good for diabetics, lol.

Here is just one of many bio bag companies around the world, this is an auzy manufacturer.

And the ones in the water that the bio bags would do away with!
Plastic in or able to get to the ocean! L27Nkwi

Plastic in or able to get to the ocean! Kt6MKWP

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