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Acclimatising marine fish, to your other aquarium fish.

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Acclimatising marine fish, to your other aquarium fish. Empty Acclimatising marine fish, to your other aquarium fish.

Post  liquidg 4th May 2019, 10:34 pm

This way of housing or acclimatising fish and mobile inverts I came up with around 37 years ago!
It more so out of necessity for my collecting to contain many similar life forms in one tank so they would not be able to fight and harm each other.
There are many things for sale to house life in aquariums, but not like this!
Its easy to make. easy to handle, easy to move around, easy to put it along any edge of tubs or tanks and painfully cheap!
It’s just a bottle or plastic jar that is more or less transparent with holes done with soldering iron, drilling holes makes sharp edges, and then a weight at its base and weight on the fishing line that holds it on the edge
You need to coat the sinkers if you use lead sinkers like it do, I wipe silicon all over the sinkers to stop any possible lead poisoning to the surrounding water.
These acclimatising containers need to be clear plastic.
This is because the new life tend to stress to death in time if they can not see out of the container and of course, if it is for acclimatising new life to tank life, they can see all the original tank life, but are safe with out the shit being bashed out them because they are new while they watch their new home in safety!
You then let the new fish or what ever out into the tank just before lights out!
This guy I am using as an example lives in this container for the time being like others in my tubs, more so tank raised red line shrimps to let grow safely.

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