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Import/export algae acting strange?

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Import/export algae acting strange? Empty Import/export algae acting strange?

Post  liquidg on 1st August 2019, 2:24 pm

My import/export alga does an mazing job of purifying my water and as I was told by the best in the fields of marine algae, this actual racemosa variant is uncommon and it is the most morphic of all marine algae!
Okay its changed three times to nothing like its original structure over the last 9 years, this time its just plan weird!!
It always swells out of the water as it builds up in mass, but growing actually upward like land plants or mangroves?
That’s not extremely morphic, that is weird!!!!
Oh and the capillary action of land plants that enables sap/fluids to rise with in plants is happening with it as well??
The water is via gravity, rising through these single celled algae and out of it as it grows up out of the water???
Import/export algae acting strange? NalyCxj

The other end looks totally normal, swelling up out of the water.
Import/export algae acting strange? LzFTLuH

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