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Dictyota marine algae, not all are crap!

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Dictyota marine algae, not all are crap! Empty Dictyota marine algae, not all are crap!

Post  liquidg on 4th January 2020, 2:19 pm

The rosettes are back!
This marine algae is part of a family of one of the most invasive or all aquarium algae!
Dictyota is the family name and out of the many variations out there, I have only found three variations that are not the ones you say, oh shit!!!! why did I put or let that get in the tank, lol.
The three I have found, that are slow growers and many other tank mates eat them as well, are all very colourful, this one is certainly that!
This one grows in sort of rosettes/clusters spiralling out wards and due to me getting a bit slack in reducing nutrients lately; there are maybe 30 here and there in the tank.
I am a big fan or what many reefers consider annoying crap like cyanobacteria, due to their ancestors giving earth its first oxygen allowing complex life forms, like us, to exist and its in all sea and land plants, oh and of course, with many, very pretty marine algae!

Dictyota marine algae, not all are crap! WBmnjYp

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