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Oz PCs computer shop at Capalaba Central shopping centre, are they any good?

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Oz PCs computer shop at Capalaba Central shopping centre, are they any good? Empty Oz PCs computer shop at Capalaba Central shopping centre, are they any good?

Post  liquidg 7th April 2021, 9:20 pm

A person i knew from a club started this store and i thought with my computer playing up, i would get some advice there.

My hard drive was starting to make noise, as in bearing noise, or it was the CPU fan, so i took it in to get the hard drive replaced and a new fan put in and a solid state tech was said to be the go, so he offered free labour, but i swapped for the labour with $250 worth of stuff for his hobby.

The computer was done and originally i was told and the plan was my old windows 7 was going to be puled out onto a stick then put back in, it was swapped for windows 10, i thought well i am no computer tech so no worries, but on getting home, windows 10 was not set up, so back in.

During the work the owner was a bit rough cleaning my keyboard and it was ruined, so another key board was put in i was told, they refurbish computers there so i never gave it a lot of thought that it may be a second hand one put in!!
It was all set up so back home, then the noise was still there, it was the fan, i went back in, the fans can last forever i was told even once noisy, so back home.
Now the computer was slow as all hell, in every way and was annoying, oh well such is life.

Its been around 10 months since it was done and the fan was still screaming away then recently the key board began to fail, keys were dropping out as in not working at all.
So back in and paid the tech fees and the tech there tested it all and said i needed a new keyboard and it being so old it is not worth fixing and was told they have refurbished ones for just under $600, so i paid the fee for the diagnostic then went to Harvey Norman and bought an acer 5 on special for $697 down from nearly $1000 and it is wonderful and very fast.

Oh well you live and learn, i made a mistake, i wont be back to Oz PCs.

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