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Blood sugar and possibly short term or ongoing diabetes.

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Blood sugar and possibly short term or ongoing diabetes. Empty Blood sugar and possibly short term or ongoing diabetes.

Post  liquidg 1st May 2021, 9:27 pm

First and foremost with all this, is that blood sugar represents most all of what is or will be bad with our health.

.Excess blood sugar which is anything above 6.0 on a test restricts blood flow and the amount of oxygen/red blood cells being able to be passed to our extremities like our feet, hands/fingers, male and female genitals, our hair, nose and other restricted flow to areas like our eyes teeth and so on.

.The blood sugar weakens our immune system by preventing our haemoglobins pigments from functioning correctly that carry oxygen around our bodies, so less oxygen reaching cells/organs, results in less life span for them and when the body’s immune system is weakened, we get any and all sicknesses more often and any invaders like cancer are far more common and at times, near impossible to fight off with adverse blood sugar levels.

.Near all amputations are due to excess blood sugar, near all uncontrolled infections are due to excess blood sugar, especially at our legs/feet and arms/hands; it literally slows or stops our bodies healing and functionality!!!
Everything that goes wrong with us is mostly due to excess blood sugar!!

For those that have not been diagnosed “yet” with any of these three, like pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes or type 1 diabetes, near all of us will in our life time, whether we know it or not!
Have you ever felt tired after alcohol/drinks, or tired after a meal or tired after consuming or breathing in or consuming anything really?
Well the reason you were tired and possibly slept was due to excess blood sugar and that has as just one example, destroyed part of your eyesight by now!
Blood sugar does not give you energy; slight amounts of blood sugar worked on by insulin gives you energy and if your pancreas has been over worked in your younger years or you are genetically predisposed to weakened insulin functions, your pancreas will not be working correctly anymore!
Other common issues with excess blood sugar, and the most common is a fatty liver and many of us have that, whether it be ongoing or off and on and it can cause cirrhosis of your liver.
This is from too much saturated fats going in, of which near all are from red meat animals being consumed and one or two vegetables/fruit, but mostly cattle of which i call “everything cow” are just that and not enough fibre is being consumed to offset them.

With enough good fibre going in with all that is cow, no worried at all! Just avoid cheeses; there is nothing healthy about cheeses!! All they do is put toxins throughout your body and they show as cellulite. You can get plenty of calcium in other ways, plus it is a scientific fact that most calcium from milk products passes through us non absorbed.
You see you do not consume cholesterol; your liver makes cholesterols from saturated fats.

Most of those cholesterols are needed by your body, one that is nearly always far to great in abundance is most certainly not needed and if it is overly abundant, drugs like atorvastatin will be needed to keep you alive, but this drug will not stop a fatty liver from happening, just reduce the plague a little in your arteries from building up and killing you much earlier!

In order for the fibre you consume to be broken down, your system takes the cholesterols from your blood stream put there by your liver and converts them to acids in your lower stomach to break down that fibre, thus off setting how much your liver holds onto so your system can make those acids to break down those high fibre foods and be digested.

Okay one of the nastiest of all that excess blood sugar related causes is by consuming anything cow, like the worst of all being cheese that also causes near all skin cellulite, then milk, then the meat, is its interaction with blood cholesterols and calcium!
Once your blood sugar reaches 6.0 and above, these cholesterols and calcium are now four times more adhesive to the walls of your arteries causing life threatening plaque.
Without adverse blood sugar, you may never have that stroke or heart attack or cancer or eye degeneration that those with excess blood sugar will have to endure or survive and not always later in life as well.

It is so very simple, if you do not consume enough fibre, of which is hard for your system to consume/break down, your liver will hold these saturated fats becoming a fatty liver and begin to die or at best weaken! So in percentages as an example only, 2 of saturated fats eaten, to 10 of fibre rich foods eaten and you will not suffer those horrific consequences of the deadly cholesterols in your blood.

Glycaemic index!
When looking at blood sugar our main concern is what the GI rating of what is consumed!
The GI rating of everything is on line to check, so check these to know what you are eating or suffer and die badly and early!!!

Okay, the G I rating as in how fast our digestive bacteria will convert what is eaten into blood glucose/sugar and flood our system far too quickly.
A high rating is from 50 and above and the faster what you have consumed is made into blood sugar, the more at risk we will be from a weakened immune system causing, or assisting, cancer and blood acidity issues like gout and arthritis to name just two of thousands of issues excess blood sugar levels can cause, or inflate.

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