Cane toad experiment from Indian runner pet loses.

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Cane toad experiment from Indian runner pet loses.

Post  liquidg on 26th January 2012, 5:19 am

A little while back I found another Indian runner duck in a our local creek as I have done before and catch them before the wild ducks continually try to rape and than kill them as usual!

These get out from peoples yards and acreages in the area, they are a very nice pet, especially a female on its own, fantastic loyal friendly pets that are very good watch ducks, they warn you of strangers!

Our first one was just over 8 years ago, it died suddenly for what we thought was for no reason!

The last one I rescued out of 5 now and we find homes for them,(I didnít want another one),catching it that nearly killed me, these things with its wings helping,can run a lot faster than a human, the neighbours wanted it,so it lived next door, they loved it, there were no lawn grubs in their place after it turned up and it was one of the family in no time.

Plus the council kills them when found,so they do not breed with wild ducks and ruin the gene pool, thatís fair enough, it makes sense!

So any way my wife that adored them and got one as a duckling again, a male this time, you donít know it until they get to adult and the tail feathers turn up, thatís a male!

The last one was female and it got egg bound and what I had to do to save it made it a little overly attached to me from that day on, we got up close and personal,lol,well it was either that or she dies.

Any way for no reason except the day before, near where the duck slept there was a young cane toad or two,we went to feed the duck and he was stone dead!

Still werenít sure what happened to that one either, just suspicions, than next door found thereís with the cane toad poison in its mouth dieing, they washed it out and tried to save it but it lasted till the next day and the poison won!

After that I thought I would remove the one or two cane toads from our yard, the first night I found 29 in our normal suburban sized yard, holly sót,I had no idea, where do all these things come from!

I did some looking around and found so much evidence that these things are eating everything smaller than them, juvenile green frogs, marsh frogs, all our species of frogs,lizards,snakes, crickets that eat cockroach larvae and anything silly enough to try to take a bite, like all birds, large snakes, small mammals, they all die!

These things are killing more than the idiots achieve that let their cats out to hunt!

Since that night nearly 4 months back, twice a week I go out and hunt these toads with torch, tongs and tall bucket and have them down to 2 to none per each third night now and the crickets are back eating cockroaches off spring, a marsh frog appeared as of last month and last night there were four in the yard and two green tree frogs.

These things are killing our entire eco system on the small levels, if every one just checked their yard once a week the native life forms we used to have in our yards carrying out valuable work will come back, but if this goes on for many more years, they may be gone for ever and we will be stuck with these poisonous cane toads in massive numbers and only them!

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Re: Cane toad experiment from Indian runner pet loses.

Post  maddy_tr on 26th January 2012, 9:57 am

Thats so sad,i loved the same type of duck that was in Babe and you are right about the toads,get the numbers down Mad


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Re: Cane toad experiment from Indian runner pet loses.

Post  Crotalus on 27th January 2012, 3:12 pm

That's a shame those toads are so destructive to native wildlife, I found them to be quite charming in Hawaii, but they aren't doing near the damage there that they do in Oz. Good on ya for protecting the environment though, I wish more people cared about preserving native wildlife.

Sorry about your duck, losing a pet that way must be awful Sad


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Re: Cane toad experiment from Indian runner pet loses.

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