Late April scuba and free dive.

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Late April scuba and free dive.

Post  liquidg on 25th April 2014, 1:39 am

Sunrise on the way to the boat ramp.

Smooth conditions all day.

The bar, what bar,lol.


Large volitan.

Latz and akindynos together.

Two large shovel nose rays, one around 6 feet the other maybe 8 feet.

A lonely looking lat that did not go near an anemone for the half hour I was near there.

Looking even more lonely.

Lots of heraldi dwarf angels around and there were quite a few lemon peels as well.

White feather sea star.

Large painted cray out for a walk.

Dog face puffer.

A couple of conspicillatus around, this one had just had a fight with a keyhole dwarf angel and one other was partnered up with a Meredithi, the youngsters from that are going to be worth a few dollars.

A couple of interesting small anemones.

Quite few anemone crabs in bubble anemones.

Too many new season bi colours to count.

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