Free diving with one metre vis.

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Free diving with one metre vis.

Post  liquidg on 14th December 2014, 12:11 am

Danny and I wanted to do some free diving and the only option was to endure vis you could call pee soup and a recent temperature at the shore line that was 25c two weeks back, down to 19c where we were swimming.
The cool and darkness does bring out a lot of invert life, but it makes taking pics of moving life like fish near impossible.
Both of us thought it was brilliant, but then again we both love the ocean no matter how crappy it is at the time.
A feather sea star of many feeding on abundant plankton in cool dirty waters.

A friendly white eyed moray

Pleny of nudi eggs about

White tube worms

This one has just taken a dump.

A lot of swimmer anems here.
One in flight

Some variations.

Thistle coral feeding on the abundant plankton.

A female banded needing a shed.

A male that has recently gone through a shed.

A couple of pretty sea squirt vent for intake.

Two large nudibranch of the same species.

Little festive nudibranches

A lot of small octopus there, some very friendly!

Amphibion shell.

A nasty jelly species.
With tendrils eaten sweeping through a school of very small fish.

With its tendrils sweeping the school.

Thousands of small, to near medium crispa anems.
From largest to smallest.

Close up of a juveniles tendrils.

A cute bubble snai.

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