Gold coast shore dive in 8 to 15 meters vis

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Gold coast shore dive in 8 to 15 meters vis

Post  liquidg on 26th April 2015, 12:10 am

This was just to be a crappy gold coast shore dive and the conditions turned out to be 25c temp, very sunny, 8 metres vis but you could see 15 to 20 meters along!
Over all we had a really nice free dive.

A male Trimaculatus wrasse showing who is the pettiest.

A female trimac just swimming and content with being pretty.

Melapterus wrasse buzzing around.

Lots of snowflake eals around’

Bait fish

Small volitan

A common heart urchin shell

Adult sweet lip

One of many semicirculatus seen.

arge puffer

strange jelly fish

mask and feelers

lawnmower/istiblennius blenny

a bad pic of a very tasty looking large leather jacket

Phalaena gobies

Large file fish

A variablis sabre tooth blenny, supposedly not common this far south, but we see heaps of them.

Common fallax sabre tooth blenny

White damsel, never seen one before, just collected for a pic then let go.

Copper bands, millions around this season

A tiny blenny at home with copper band coming up to look

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