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Rock collection

Post  Guest on 26th November 2008, 3:22 pm

Hi All
I've been reading various posts about collecting species on this site and others, i've gathered a pretty good idea of the story however i'm still wondering what the regulations are concerning the collection of live rock or any rock (dead coral) for that matter in the Moreton Bay area and naturally within collection zones. Any help appreciated thanks.


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Post  Admin on 27th November 2008, 12:25 am

Sorry mate,we are not allowed to get calcium skeletal stuff,alive or dead.

I am not saying that a little for your tank would overly bother marine parks,a couple of guys have got a bit here and there and they were told a little is okay,but i wouldn,t it,s not worth it.

The rock around here isn,t that great anyway,some shops get a lot better.

we just have some fun these days chasing a few fish and inverts for our tanks.

I used to take it a bit more serious years ago,but it,s just for fun with the club these days.

A few of the clubbies at any given time are admin.

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Post  Guest on 27th November 2008, 2:45 am

Thanks mate i suspected that would be the case, i do a bit of fishing on the southern side of Peel Island and its got a pretty good coverage of corals etc i've really gotta have a good snorkel up there and check it out further might be worth an expedition for u guys there seems to be a healthy habitat around the island. I'm sure it must get busy up there but the times i've been up there for some overnighters we've had the place to ourselves, it really is a little gem. Probably best we leave the place intact as no rock means no fish and thats no fun. We live on Tallebudgera Creek its quite amazing some of the little tropical fish that live around the rocks at the gold coast highway bridge, i've seen quite a few that would look more at home on the Barrier Reef, even got a seahorse in the cast net bout a month ago.

Thanks again, i'm just getting back into fish keeping, feels like my second childhood....spending the weekends cruisin the aquarium stores, spending money i don't have on stuff i don't need


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Post  Guest on 27th November 2008, 3:41 am

Hi sj,I have been there many times.
The point under the water on the southwestern corner can be very interesting as to the size of the painted crays you find there.
They are huge,one went just under 4 kilos once,dirty water though and we have been harrased by whalers in the past there.
Between peel and myora there is a special yellow sea horse indemic to that area,probably the toughset sea horse you will keep,big and pretty as well.
The coral point facing cleveland point is very nice,and the corals towards bird island(whats left of it) are quite nice as well.
There is a good area for a walk at low tide,from the eastern end around the northen end towards the boat channel for access to the back of peel.
It,s good there.
But if you get a chance before they close the myora reef to anchoring on the 1st of march,snorkel there at the right tide and vis and you will see,semis,banded shrimp,coral gradens,butterfly fish,the list of what you can sse there in 1 to 7 feet of water is rediculous.
There is everything there,more or less.

If you are into collecting,you could join and come with us if you like.
Or just have a word or two on the forum.
We will put in the snorkeling section soon,the regs for the bay for all to see.



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Re: Rock collection

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