Low tide walk for january 2010

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Low tide walk for january 2010

Post  liquidg+ on 31st January 2010, 2:14 pm

There wasnt much wanted really these times but as usual there were many life forms to have a look at.
One of these areas visited this time hasnt been visited by us in over 16 years,the other two are regular spots.
One of the billions of young brain corals seen from the last season to have a look at,very cute.

There were possibly a thousand of the carpet anemones at one spot,mainly small ones.


This was the average size of the small green gonies.

Just a cute Jenynsii flounder that was zooming around in one of the pools.

There was probably seven house block sized areas in one spot of the green zoas,the low light didn't let the bright green clolour show that well.
This shows them closed.

A couple of interesting crabs.
The first one is a box crab.

One more.
A sponge decorator crab.

You would not believe how much ink came out of this little squid of many seen.

A semi large sea snale found of heaps usually seen.

I think this urchin is going a little over board with the protective shielding.

One of the many trips with friends ended a little late and showed it in a pretty way.


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Post  shaz on 1st February 2010, 1:40 am

--hi pkc--- nice pics --- looks like a fun /interesting weekend checking out the rock pools/mud flats--!

always nice to see sea life rejuvenating like that

the decorator crab looks way cute have not seen one of these before !

seems you guys have alot to be greatful for with all that awesome diving in south east queensland sunny
very impressed .


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Re: Low tide walk for january 2010

Post  jusmee on 25th July 2010, 2:15 am

I find this sort of outing very interesting and often go on walks on my own. I keep forgetting to take the camera though Sad

Just a correction - that large snail is a baler shell, a member of the volute family, and not a stromb. Strombs are easy to pit because, instead of a large fleshy foot like that one has, they have a muscled appendage that ends in an pointed operculum that they use to drag themselves around with..


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Re: Low tide walk for january 2010

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