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Clown fish-amphirpions becoming a pair.

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Clown fish-amphirpions becoming a pair.  Empty Clown fish-amphirpions becoming a pair.

Post  liquidg 10th November 2013, 3:47 am

In a tank it can be over night or years.

With amphiprions the big one doesn’t have to be a female and quite often is not!
For several reasons it can quite easily be a male, and the size thing of female being larger then a male, is a fallacy!

The small one, if it is under 15 to 20 millimetres in length is able to be the opposite sex to the other larger one already living in the anemone.
Under this size they can change at any time to suit and take the place of someone that was killed by predators, usually while protecting its partner while she is laying eggs, so I suppose it usually is the female that lives on quite large.

The layer of eggs can at times get attacked or just have its partner watching while this goes on and the other gets killed protecting her or one of the pair strayed to far to get food or fight off another clown fish or be protecting the anemone from chaetodons or angelfish.
The little clowns in anemones with larger ones, if they tolerate them, are waiting for one of the partnership to die and take on that sex and grow quickly.

When you buy a pair and the size is different, the collectors will at times collect hundreds of clowns and all go in together, then the collector will just pick a small one out and put it with a larger clown and there will be a pair.
We use to this as most do when commercially collecting or it can be that the partner died and this is the replacement that was on hand and replaced the one that died or a new one turned up as a planktonic sized amphiprion in the same way most marine life gets to new sites while they are also transparent planktonic sized amongst currents ready to find a new life when they sense the sounds of reefs and take on the needed sex in its new life with its first anemone and first partner.
Oh and if they wobble quite a bit, that means they submit and they usually don't get picked on if they can wobble really good.

By wobbling I mean bobbing up and down a from side to side the way amphiprions and juvenile sweet lip do this.

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