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Clown fish hosting in corals!

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Clown fish hosting in corals! Empty Clown fish hosting in corals!

Post  liquidg 24th July 2014, 1:45 pm

Anemones and corals polyps are the same thing, but anemones evolved to produce a greater sting to live alone and semi safe over most species, especially bubble tips, they have a strong punch in their little exploding capsules.
Many clowns find it easier to live in actual corals to avoid the stronger sting of an anemone. Just with this, the clown when stressed may have to reactivate its copied mucus to match the corals as it does with an anemone, this is done via the clown nose ling the tendrils and eating the mucus then copying it and expelling through its pores to make its own identical mucus so the anemone does not know it is there, many corals mucus is toxic compared to anemones mucus!
Clowns that live in corals are at risk of a toxic shock death, whether it is in two months or two years, there is a distinct possibility.

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