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Tallebudgera creek.

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Tallebudgera creek. Empty Tallebudgera creek.

Post  liquidg 28th November 2013, 2:02 pm

There are mainly only two spots here.

This area also boasts two separate boat ramps, one on each side of the lake, plus salt-water lake water skiing and further up stream, quiet tidal fishing and crabbing.

These are at there clearest after no less than two days of westerly or south-direction winds with swells under 1.5 metres and near to no rain of any greater then 50 mils in 48 hours for at least two months.

Heavy rains to 50 mil with in a 24 hour period will begin to reduce essential salinity here and from one hundred to one fifty mils in a twenty four hour period or greater will wipe out most life here leaving only brackish water species. Over 200 to 250 mils in 24 hours for this area will leave the rocks completely bare of life!

Bridge spot

Firstly there is under the highway bridge, where the depth is no more than 28 feet deep and if there has not been much rain around for a while than the life here is good for a safe simple dive.
The chance for learners to get in and out easily and observe some interesting life is very good here, as the rock formations go half way across under the bridge on the bar side of the bridge.
The tide here is an hour and thirty minutes earlier than the Brisbane bar time.
You should get in on the southern side from the path under the bridge around three quarters of an hour before high tide.

The bar rock wall.

To get to this site you turn left directly after you cross the Tallebudgera bridge and park there and walk to the beach and turn right following the path next to the waters edge to the bar, the rock wall is visible at its best looking back from there.

Here is more suited to snorkelling or a long walk with a tank on your back as there is a reasonable walk to near the rock walls end where you are best to do a drift snorkel/dive with the incoming tide on a small variation between high and low to reduce current and sediment is less disturbed.

It is a good safe spot to have an average dive getting in around an hour before high tide and than enjoy the beach, both surf and calm waters on either side of the wall. The depth is no deeper than 25 feet deep here and the tide is an hour and a half earlier than the Brisbane bar.
For a safe family swim, fishing and snorkelling, the score is high.
Surfing and especially paddle boarding at the bar is popular, but is best and safest as the tide is coming in.

Photos of the area.

Western side the bridge, towards the boat ramp.
Tallebudgera creek. Tal-7-_zps824cb8c3

The bridge dive site.

Tallebudgera creek. Talle-bridge-_zps97355172

Tallebudgera creek. Tal-18-_zpsbfec9885

The areas from the bridge to the bar and open ocean.
Tallebudgera creek. Tal-16-_zpse31ff144

Tallebudgera creek. Tal-13-_zps8e4a5a16

Tallebudgera creek. Tal-9-_zpsbbb679cc

Tallebudgera creek. Tal-8-_zpsbb347b4d

Tallebudgera creek. Tal-11-_zps2ffa4066

Tallebudgera creek. Tal-5-_zps7c60cbd8

Tallebudgera creek. Tal-3-_zps3b16c21d

Tallebudgera creek. Tal--_zpsebe4a24f

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