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Boat rock

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Boat rock Empty Boat rock

Post  liquidg on 11th December 2013, 11:32 am

Boat rock Boatrock

This spot is for scuba mainly though spearing here can be very good, it is at its best from 50 to 100 feet deep and is very exposed and current affected.
The reef does come up out of the water, but can be a bit barren in the shallows unless on the eastern side.
We do spend a bit of time here on scuba and snorkel and know the spot very well and there is a lot of life in certain spots.

From roughly 50 feet due east of the rock a reef section starts with a crater type of affect and is the best spot here for a good scuba dive or the strong swimming free diver.

There is reef for scuba all around the rock, out to a few hundred metres of this reef and the depths average 80 to 105 feet deep.
The back of the exposed rock virtually drops straight down to around 90 feet and can give a little relief to the sometimes extreme current found at this spot.
On a bad current day there can be white water similar to river rapids running around this reef and than out to sea. In whale season the creatures come very close to this reef and can be quite deafening with their sounds and may come to have a look at you or the boat.

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