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Flat rock

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Flat rock Empty Flat rock

Post  liquidg on 11th December 2013, 12:02 pm

Flat rock Flat-rock-pool-and-boat-_zps622a99bf

This reef is one of the best snorkelling and especially scuba diving sites in SEQ and is a no take green zone.

The tide here is an hour and thirty earlier than the Brisbane bar

Inside the eastern end of Flat rock at a calm small low tide is the most amazing rock pool possible, as it has most of the creatures you would see on the Great Barrier Reef in a very safe pool and flat rock has several other smaller pools with heaps of life in them.

The northern waters of flat rock right up to the edge of the reef is more or less the centre of Flat rock and on a calm day is a top snorkel as is all of the southern side of it as well, right out to the bomie.

The bomie has a hollow top, a crater affect so to speak and on a very calm day is a very interesting snorkel.

The northwest corner from 50 to 80 feet is a great scuba dive with a cave or two and prolific fish life, the south east side around to the south west edge of the bomie from 45 to 90 feet is a very good area, the area between the bomie and Flat rock it self, between south east to east out to where it comes up to around 38 feet deep as you head out to sea is a very, very beautiful dive all around this depth, down to 80 feet, out just a little further flat rock finishes at a wall affect to sand, there is never current over this edge, you just have to get down there through it when it is on.

The shark gutters are either side of this spot, north and south of the 38 foot rise in the reef, to the north is the more consistent grey nurse spot and the south edge has a more cliff defined formation for a swim through to observe the life on the walls..

The current around most of flat rock on the wrong day can be very intense, the only consistent relief from the current that hits from the west-northwest normally is the eastern end of flat rock, there is also a very good dive behind the bomie as it starts in a low lying area of around fifty feet as rises a little to the south and than starts the drop off in steps of firstly around seventy feet, than around ninety feet and the last around a hundred feet, this is a great spot!.

The eastern end is the most reliable for protection from the current as is the eastern side of the bomie on the straddie side of flat rock.

Leopard sharks are best viewed in the shallows on the southern side and to some degree the North West area.

The most coral is in 30 to 70 feet in the shallows on the northwest corner and the centre of the northern side just behind the wave that appears out of nowhere sometimes on a shallow reef area, than there is between the shark gutters and the south-south west corner, just out of the strong current.

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