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Saltwater, is it good for cuts, wounds.

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Saltwater, is it good for cuts, wounds. Empty Saltwater, is it good for cuts, wounds.

Post  liquidg on 13th November 2017, 1:44 am

A lot of people belive that saltwater helps with healing, salt put in water then used is great, not much can do better!
Ocean water has tons of life in it and they die in the cut then rot via bacteria,then you get cuts that do not heal.
Also swimmers ear that can be from a deformity you were born with or diving/surfing in cold water, this defies discription with infections, wet skin and pores open up and dead plankton goes in, yuuukkk,been to hospital with that one before.
The saltwater healing a cut, had an open wound for over 4 months while we went around auz diving and surfing way back, salt is great, but ocean or reef tank water is bad to dangerous for wounds.

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