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Plastic bags ban

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Plastic bags ban Empty Plastic bags ban

Post  liquidg 29th May 2018, 12:00 pm

I bet you are on that petition for the plastic bag bit that is one of the largest acts of stupidty going, right?  
Lol, the bags that were removed from most shops and supermarkets, do break down, not straight away sadly, but with in a month or two.
These to be replaced by 15 or so cent bags that do not break down and all the other bags in fruit hops and more remain and we then buy rubbish bin bags we use to use those single use bags for, but the rubbish bin bags we will be buying, if not just use the 15 cent ones, which most will, do not break down easily!
There are five companies, one is aus compostapack, that I know of manufacturing bags that can be used very cheaply that are digestible for all life that may ingest them and the morons that supported the ban the bag bit, that you probably did as well, did nothing to encourage the use of these digestible bags to replace the single use ones.
Live some life, learn about that life as you have not yet.
There is your life, all the bag bit is inaccurate!

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