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Oh nice, heaps of aquarium fish and more for our coastline!!

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Oh nice, heaps of aquarium fish and more for our coastline!!  Empty Oh nice, heaps of aquarium fish and more for our coastline!!

Post  liquidg on 5th October 2019, 10:06 am

Strong south easterly winds are blowing out there at the moment for Northern NSW and South east Queensland and a massive eddy, that’s a vortex of water out off us is in full swing as well!
There is also the south to north current that happens along our coast opposite to the east ausy current, they happen in April and late September for roughly two weeks each time and we were out there yester day and it is in full swing from 70 feet down running under the east ausy current, eerrrrr to 70 feet 20c then below it in theb other opposite current 16c, eeerrr, lol!
In the plankton out in our east ausy current from mid to late September through to November are the most abundant amounts of angel fish and a few wrasse left over, they come earlier normally!
This rarely happens but when it does, our coast gets saturated with planktonic sized mostly pomacanthus species of angelfish and some Centropyge species!!
They are out there now as transparent little guys once recently placed in the water by their parents as eggs and sperm along the entire stretch of the barrier reef and sunny coast to mix and to become new life.
Once they are forced in with the surface waters they drop out of the plankton once to big or when they hear the sounds of a reef system to find a home, as does most life in the ocean and then from midish February, that’s when they start being big enough and gaining confidence to show them selves!
This has happened three times in my life, this hopefully will be another of those events rather then most of those fish just dieing once they get too big out there with no reef to go to or go too far south in the current and the cooler waters down there kill them.
The south to north current will have some conspics in it as well and with that eddy pulling up masses of cool water saturated with nutrients its looking good for this coming season!!
Our Meteorology dept satellite feed is doing really well now, its easy to see whats going on out there from that and those two opposing currents and temps showed on their page, we new before we go there, wonderful!!!!

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