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Repairing fibreglass boat hull of jetski hull.

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Repairing fibreglass boat hull of jetski hull. Empty Repairing fibreglass boat hull of jetski hull.

Post  liquidg 3rd July 2021, 2:14 am

A crack forms in hull.
Take out anything in the way. clean inside with strong detergent, grind crack to nearly through and off to the sides, vac out hull, dry the area with heat gun or wait a day after using a rag to dry it all off, lay ski with that side down. cover external of crack with sticky tap, cut 8 layers of fine glass for the patch, mix up good epoxy, wipe epoxy on the area you ground with small cheap paint brush, lay on fine fibre glass to to suit size of area and it will stick to that epoxy, then paint on epoxy again over the layer of glass and lay on another layer of glass and so on till all layers are on, check other side for drips, apply heat with heat gun for say, 5 minutes ort not its just faster with heat gun, the action of heat sets resins, let set for at least two days. Get your ski on its side, get pigments and polyester resin and mix till it is the same as your skis colour, just dab on with finger till the mix is spot on, wipe that off, then add catalyst/hardener to resin and smooth till crack is filled on the outside, looking good and strong as!!!!!! if you ever want to use resins to paint with, like sealing timber, mix in one third with G P thinners, it soaks in better..

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