Cherubs cave, Moreton island dive site

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Cherubs cave, Moreton island dive site

Post  liquidg on 13th May 2011, 3:38 pm

This day was in part,to try out a new underwater camera and enjoy some top conditions for a dive.

The conditions suitable for this type of trip were not predicted, but it was obvious they were going to happen , the reports by brownie and the weather were strange in that they had gone against what normally occurs at this time of year and with that kind of weather pattern as well, so with some caution we headed out, because you never know they may have been right, they weren’t, so we were out there and had a top day, out the front of moreton island.

Just getting ready to get in at cherubs cave reef, the water around this reef is about 31 metres, so we found a panicle to 20 metres of water and got in.

One example of the rock formations on this reef.

One of the three sharks hanging around on that day.

A very mature pair of latezonatus clownfish,with a skunk clown fish living with them.

One of the many Moorish idols at this reef.

The forcipigers are well represented here.

The femininus wrasse are in large numbers here.

Heaps of crays at this reef.

A view of a coral head with one of the larger of the three sharks seen on the day, in the back ground.

A mature pair of copper bands going about their business.

One of the hundreds of bicolour angelfish at this reef.

Just some random pics of the reef.

Once again we had a very nice day and the trip back was on a sea of glass.

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