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Cats killing Australian small native animals.

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Cats killing Australian small native animals. Empty Cats killing Australian small native animals.

Post  liquidg 27th June 2019, 12:13 am

Being in my 60s, I have done it all, sort of.
With coming from country NSW and seen so much with the land and entering city life at 14 years old and exploring the ocean as well from 14 still to now and spending years working and travelling around Aus in the 70s and looking around me and noticing what goes on as some do not and wonderful trips camping and indulging in nature, from life lived with eyes open, you see stuff!

One of the best examples bar all else I have seen, was when neighbors moved in with two cats then another making it three, the lovely little birds out side our kitchen window in the fig tree were all gone with in 2 years of them moving in with their roaming cats, also the peewees were gone soon as well.  

You know what is contributing to our wonderful planets life forms deaths due to a lack of not just knowledge but pretty any thing useful to our world, is uninformed useless opinions! You know, cat lovers that let the cats roam!!!

Info on what cats achieve!

I see it all around the place being a landscape gardener.
Just in my street these days, not where the three cats moved next door years back, our street now!
We use to have eastern sea dragons fossick in our street, a native lizard from the creek down the road.
The neighbors cat way back use to hunt them, it was chasing one the other side of the street, I made it stop and I got s trap from the pound, caught their cat in our yard, they got it from the pound, paid over $200, it was out hunting the next day!!
We had native ducks nibble along our street on the grasses and seeds, one was badly hurt by another cat up the road and died, they use to get good results with their off springs and would feed in the streets yards, many a driver would have to wait them crossing the road, beautiful!!
The crows are pretty much all that can with stand the cats here now, wonderful! not a native crow, the stinking introduced raven is taking over our skies more and more each year!

The words of most cat lovers are a danger to our biodiversity, nothing else of any use from cat lovers!!

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