January dive trips ( two).

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January dive trips ( two).

Post  liquidg on 27th January 2014, 12:04 am

Sunrises on recent trips

Akindynos at 6 mill long

Latezonatus at 15 mill long.

Puffer hiding

Shell fish

Juvenile scorpion fish

Large sailing vessel

yellow feather sea star

Pipe fish

Forcepiger hunting on the ceiling of a cave.

Not sure what these are

A friendly banner fish

Banded shrimp.

Juvenile quadricolor anemones below dad/mum,lol

Anthia schools

Juvenile swimmer anemones

A pretty juvenile bubble tip

Bleached bubble anemone with a pair of akindynos

This acan and purple radi have been in this pot hole for over 15 years that I can remember.


Coral polyps


Unusual coral

One of the guys in 114 feet alongside a coral forest.

An old sweet lip

Tasty looking coral cray

Canyon scene

Purple tube worm in pulsing xenia.

Xmas tree worm pics

A juvenile xmas tree worm establishing its spot to live in the sps.

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