Phuket dive trip photos.

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Phuket dive trip photos.

Post  Admin on 6th June 2011, 6:06 am

This is a trip to Phuket earlier on in the year a couple of the guys went on.

There were so many things you would like to bring home, still the guys had a ball.

The guys waiting to hit the drink with afew other keen divers.

Chris taking a break from swimming to check out the immense amounts of thistle coral here.

One of the guys showing there are heaps of fish here.

A pretty sea dragon, similar to the ones we see over here.

A scorpion fish?i think?

Always a massive moray eel where ever there are divers, itís a given when diving!

A colourful hermit and thistle coral.

Lots of amphiprions around this site.

There is always a dog shark somewhere along the line.

Well thatís the dive, where is the boat?lol.

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